Stupa Project at Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat

Amazing progress is being made with the construction of the stupa at Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada!  These pictures from the worksite in Nelson, (as well as the decorative work being done in Mongolia) are so impressive. Our fundraising efforts continue, so that this wonderful work may continue.  If you would like to donate to this project, please visit the Gaden for the West website.


Josh Reichmann

A wonderful article in Buddha Weekly by

one of our Gaden Choling community members.

read it here

A note from our friends at Zuru Ling Vancouver:


Some of you may have already seen our Facebook posts showcasing the Tibetan merchandise from our “Gompa Store” at Tashi Choling Temple in Nelson. Due to COVID and the closure of our dharma centres, no in person retreats can happen, therefore these beautiful pieces have been sitting. The goal is to bring it all to you in picture and by mail if you choose to purchase.


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