**How does non-attachment/not clinging show up in your practice and your daily life?

**How is empathy and compassion shaping your practice and the lives of those around you?

**How has the lack of a permanent independent self impacted your practice and how has it influenced your everyday life? 

One of the most important foundations of a tantra practice is a working understanding and experience of The Three Principle Aspects of the Path. Without this understanding and experience the way forward on the tantric path is limited.



Dennis Winters / David Palmer

Gaden Choling Presents

The Three Principle Aspects of the Path
as a Foundation for Tantric Practice



"This program of 3 classes is an opportunity to learn, discuss and share our experiences


of The Three Principle Aspects of the Path"


   Class 1: Renunciation / Class 2:  Bodhicitta Class / 3: Correct View of Emptiness

all classes Sunday at 6:00pm-7:15pm EST

Class 1: Renunciation (Sunday, October 2)

Class 2: Bodhichitta (Sunday, October 16)

Class 3: Wisdom (emptiness) (Sunday, October 30)