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This webpage will be removed on August 1, 2024.

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White Mahakala Empowerment
Saturday, June 29, 2024 2 - 4 PM EDT

*No prerequisites. A basic understanding of the Lam Rim is desirable

*Commitments: Refuge, Bodhicitta and Tantric Vows (to be given at initiation), and Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche (bio)

                       as one of your gurus


From Rinpoche's book Source of All Buddhist Protectors:

"White Mahakala is a Protector and prosperity deity mainly practiced in the Gelug and Sakya traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Through the practice of White Mahakala we can create prosperity for self, family and community."


From Buddha Weekly:

White Mahakala brings prosperity

"Does it seem counter-intuitive, that Buddhist practices include “good fortune” practices — especially when Buddha taught renunciation? Does it seem selfish to ask for Enlightened help with our obstacles such as poverty, stress, or resources? It shouldn’t. Imagine if fully renounced monks are starving, unable to find a bowl of rice. How can they meditate? How can they practice Bodhichitta when they can’t even find food for themselves? And how can the lay community support the monks when they can’t feed themselves."

Wealth is neither virtuous nor non-virtuous

"In Mahayana Buddhism, wealth is not considered either a non-virtue or a virtue. It’s merit entirely depends on why a person accumulates wealth — and how it is used. The goal of the Mahayana vehicle is to help all sentient beings to achieve Enlightenment."

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