Taking Refuge and Generating Bodhicitta


Sang-gye chö-dang tsog-kyi chog-nam-la

J’ang-chub bar-d’u dag-ni kyab-su chi

Dag-gi jin sog gyi-pai so-nam-kyi

Dro-la pän-chir sang-gye drub-par-shog. (3X)


I go for refuge until I am enlightened

To the Buddhas, the Dharma and the Highest Assembly.

Through the virtuous merit that I collect

By practicing giving and other perfections,

May I attain the state of Buddha

To be able to benefit all sentient beings. (3X)


Four Immeasurables


May all beings have happiness and its causes,

May they never have suffering nor its causes;

May they constantly dwell in joy transcending sorrow;

May they dwell in equal love for both near and far. (3X)


Seven Limb Practice


With my body, speech, and mind, humbly I prostrate

And make offerings both set out and imagined.

I declare my wrong deeds from all time,

And rejoice in the virtues of all.

Please stay until Samsara ceases,

And turn the Wheel of Dharma for us.

I dedicate all virtue to Great Enlightenment.


Mandala Offering


Sa-zhi po-kyi jug-shing me-tog-tram

Ri-rab ling-zhi nyi-de gyan-pa-di

Sang-gye zhing-du mig-te ül-wa-yi

Dro-kün nam-dag zhing-la chö-par-shog.




By the virtue of offering to you, assembly of Buddhas visualized before me,

This mandala built on a base resplendent with flowers, saffron water and incense,

Adorned with Mount Meru and the four continents, as well as the sun and the moon,

May all sentient beings share in its good effects.


I send forth to you this jeweled mandala, precious gurus.

Mantra of Lama Tsong Khapa


Mig-me tse-wai ter-chen chen-re-zig

Dri-me kyen-pai wang-po jam-päl-yang

Dü-pung ma-lu jom-dze sang-wai dag

Gang-chen kä-pai tsug-gyan tsong-kha-pa

Lo-sang drag-pai zhab-la söl-wa deb. (3X)


You are Avalokitesvara, great treasure of compassion not aimed at true existence,

And Manjushri, master of flawless wisdom,

And Vajrapani, Lord of the Secret and destroyer of Mara’s forces.

O Tsong Khapa, crown jewel of the sages of the land of snows,

Losang Dragpa, I make requests at your lotus feet.




Mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha:        OM MUNI MUNI MAHA MUNI YE SOHA

Mantra of Chenrezig:                         OM MANI PADME HUM

Mantra of Manjushri:                         OM AM RA PA TZA NA DHI

Mantra of Vajrapani:                          OM VAJRAPANI HUM

Mantra of Green Tara:                        OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA

Mantra of Medicine Buddha:             OM BEKHANDZE BEKHANDZE

                                                            MAHA BEKHANDZE BEKHANDZE

                                                            RANDZA SAMUNGATE SOHA

Mantra of Prajnaparamita:                 OM GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE                                                                  BODHI SOHA


Dedication Prayers


Ge-wa di-yi nyur du-dag                    By this virtue, may I quickly

La-ma sang-gye drub-gyur ne            Attain the state of Guru-Buddha Enlightenment

Dro-wa chig-kyang ma-lu-pa             And then may I lead into that state,

Kye-kyi sa-la gö-par-shog.                 Every being without exception.


Jang-chub sem-chog rin-po-che         May the most precious and supreme Bodhicitta awakening mind

Ma-kye pa-nam kye-gyur-chig           Which has not been generated now be generated.

Kye-pa nyam-pa me-par-yang            And may the precious mind of Bodhicitta which has been generated

Gong-ne gong-du pal-war-shog.        Never decline, but always increase.