GC Board Meeting- Wednesday, Mar. 24, 2021 @ 7pm

In Attendance (via Zoom): Bryan, Maureen, David, and Bonnie

  1. Opening prayers.

  2. Adoption of Agenda: Bryan moves, Bonnie seconds.

  3. Adoption of minutes from last meeting: David moves, and Maureen seconds.

  4. Treasurer’s Report:  Currently we have $14,245.47 in our account, David moves to approve, and Maureen seconds.  CRA has demanded we submit 2015 and 2016 again, we tried to submit them online but it would only accept .cor file.  Sonam resorted to sending them by mail.

  5. Programming: Rinpoche sent an email recommending Cristina to teach Lo Jong and Yonten to teach Yoga. David will contact them and ask for a brief proposal about what they would like to teach, he will share this with the board and Rinpoche too. 

  6. Nominations for new board members-Dennis Winters and JulieMae Doherty.  We are waiting to hear from Rinpoche.  Bryan will send them each a note, updating them about that. 

  7. Potential tenants: we had an inquiry by an acquaintance of Jane, but we understand that tenants must be a student of Rinpoche. 

  8. Next Meeting: Wed. April 21, 2021 @ 7pm.

  9. Adjournment: Maureen moves, and Bryan seconds. 

  10. Dedication.