GC Board Meeting- Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021 @ 7pm

In Attendance (via Zoom): Bryan, Maureen, David, Dennis and Bonnie

  1. Opening prayers.

  2. Adoption of Agenda: Maureen moves, David seconds.

  3. Adoption of minutes from last meeting: David moves, and Maureen seconds.

  4. Treasurer’s Report:  Currently we have $11827.92 in our account

  5. Board Roles: 

    1. Status of Board Members: Stephen will be stepping down from the board and Yara has also informed us; Bryan will ask them to inform us in writing. According to our bylaws, we require 2 new members.  We will ask Rinpoche if he has any suggestions, as well as send an email message to ‘the membership’. Bryan will send a message to Rinpoche and compose a message for mail chimp ‘to send to GC members’ which David will send out. 

    2. Media report by David: an instagram and twitter account was set up. David set up a link for members on our website.  They will have access to information like bylaws and other things that may be of interest and not applicable to share with the general public. David also manages the mail chimp communication.

    3. Governance report by Maureen: She wants to wait until we have a full complement of board members.

  6. CRA: 

    1. Opening an electronic business CRA account-Bonnie will email Soman about this.

    2. Request for 2019-2020  CRA Information report from Sonam.

    3. Updating the list of directors

  7. Roles: 

    1. Property Management-Maureen

      1. Ensuring good repair of the building, like annual maintenance, and coordinating repair people.

    2. Publicity and Media-David (see 5b above)

    3. Governance-David and Maureen

    4. Visits Coordinator-Bonnie and Bryan 

      1. organize general cleaning of the centre and Rinpoche’s room

      2. travel and pick up of Rinpoche

      3. prepare basic groceries for Rinpoche

    5. Membership Relations and Donations-Bonnie-(will respond to g.cholling emails to best ability), Bryan-communications, donations?

  8. House Business: Bonnie will communicate with Rinpoche about prospective tenants, particularly for the basement, Shibu? 

  9. Bylaw comments and suggestions:

    1. David suggests that we amend the bylaw about requiring an auditor. Maureen will look into 

    2. details about how we can go about this.

  10. Reset of discussion about GC's future and plans to realise it as it pertains to  bylaw 2.1 Objectives of the Centre. Make note of Dennis’ letter and mark as received by the Board. We will meet Thur. Feb. 4 @ 7pm to discuss this further. 

  11. Revenues—set up a committee to develop GC budgets: actual budget: Jan to June 2021 and proposed budget: July 2021 to June 2022 and report back at the next Board meeting in February. We will discuss this item next week too. 

    1. Stipend for Rinpoche-our stipend has been outstanding for a long time unfortunately, and we intend to reinstate it in full with arrears.  The actual figures we will determine during our budget discussion. 

  12. Next Board meeting Thursday, February 18th @ 7pm

  13. Adjournment-Maureen moves, Bonnie seconds.

  14. Dedication