GC Board Meeting- Thursday, Feb. 19, 2021 @ 7pm

In Attendance (via Zoom): Bryan, Maureen, David, and Bonnie

  1. Opening prayers.

  2. Adoption of Agenda: Maureen moves, David seconds.

  3. Adoption of minutes from last meeting: David moves, and Maureen seconds.

  4. Treasurer’s Report:  Currently we have $15,953.74 in our account, David moves to approve, and Bonnie seconds.

  5. Gaden Choling Into the Future for Approval: David moves and Bryan seconds.

  6. Master Budget for Amendment and Approval: Sheet 1: Projected and Sheet 2: Actual, Bryan moves to approve and Maureen seconds.

    1. Stipend for Rinpoche: we will reinstate $50/month, plus retroactive amount for 2 years ($1200), David moves to approve this, and Maureen seconds. 

  7. Gaden Choling Line Organizational Chart for Approval: Maureen moves, and Bryan seconds.

  8. Report on Media (David): David gave us a tour of our updated website, some wonderful additions like the community, notes, and members sections. 

  9. Report on Programs and Classes (David): David has organized with Cristina and a date has been set for her to teach meditation and yoga, Sat. Mar. 20 1-3:30pm. We will give her $100, plus the proceeds from the first 5 participants, and then a percentage of the rest.  The time frame of the courses will cater to the teacher and topic.  Some other prospective guest teachers could be Matthew Richards, Ben Christian, Irene Cortes, Josh Reichmann, Bob Kapitany. 

  10. Any nominations from GC members present: none

  11. Follow up from Jan Board meeting:  

    1. Letters of resignation from Stephen and Yara: Bryan will take a screen-shot of the correspondence and this will suffice for their resignation.

    2. Update on new Board members: we sent a message to the members asking if there were any nominations for 2 new members.  We will send a follow up reminder on Monday. 

    3. Opening of a CRA business account: Bonnie was able to open the CRA business account for Gaden Choling!

    4. 2019-2020 CRA information report from Sonam: we should be able to access this online, and in time we will figure it out.  At least now we have access.

    5. Prospective tenants starting April 1st: it’s possible Shibu would be interested in taking the basement room later in the year. We will need to establish clear house rules about cleaning and keeping belongings within the room.  We will have to consider the conditions with COVID of course.  

    6. Amendment of bylaws: Maureen has nothing to report, she will contact Sonam who might have more information.

  12. Next Meeting: Wed. March 24, 2021 @ 7pm.

  13. Adjournment: Maureen moves, and Bryan seconds. 

  14. Dedication.