GC Board Meeting- Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020 @ 7pm

In Attendance (via Zoom): Bryan, Maureen, David, and Bonnie

  • Opening prayers.

  • Adoption of Agenda: Maureen moves, David seconds.

  • Adoption of minutes from last meeting: Maureen moves, and David seconds.

  • Treasurer’s Report:  Currently we have $10,182.15 in our account. Bryan will try to set up automatic deposits in Paypal.

  • House Business: 

    • House insurance- Intact insurance gave us a new rate thanks to Maureen inquiring with them, and they gave us a new reduced rate $254.01, about $100 less. Maureen will call the broker to make sure that our policy is the same. 

  • Membership: 

    • Paypal-our membership are the up-to-date members. 

  • Medicine Buddha Initiation: 

    • Awaiting further direction from Rinpoche. We will send an update about that, and in this same message we can inform them about our new website and how paypal is not available. Bryan will write it, and David will send it out. 

  • GC By-Law Recommendations (see the document in google drive): Maureen and David went through the 10 page document that was composed in 2000.  They focused on the items that deal with the functions of the board.

8. We voted to meet monthly to address policy and financial matters, Bryan moves, and David seconds.

2. Keeping record of minutes- they are kept in the drive and in a binder at Gaden Choling.  David volunteers to print the minutes and put them in the binder. 

3. Book keeping & Auditor-we wish to keep formal records of our finances every month.  We will contact Sonam about this. David will send some points of information to Bonnie and Bonnie will write to Sonam. 

  • Roles: 

  • Property Management-Maureen

  • Publicity and Media-David

  • Governance-David and Maureen

  • Visits Coordinator-Bonnie and Bryan

  • Membership Relations and Donations-Bonnie-emails, Bryan-communications, donations?

    • Next meeting-please prepare some main points that you think your role will cover

  • Signing Officers-currently they are Matthew Richards, Bonnie, and Stephen, after Covid we will work to rectify this.

  • Virtual workshop to discuss a long term plan for Gaden Choling.  David will write an agenda.  Bryan will inform Rinpoche about the meeting.

  • Next meeting- please go over the Bylaws and bring any questions, or points for reform to the next meeting

  • Next Meeting: Jan. 27, 2020.

  • Adjournment-Maureen moves, Bonnie seconds.

  • Dedication