GC Board Meeting- April 21, 2021 @ 7:30pm 


In Attendance (via Zoom):Maureen, David, Dennis and Bonnie

  1. Opening prayers

  2. Adoption of agenda, David moves and Maureen 2nds.

  3. Adoption of minutes, David moves and Maureen 2nds.

  4. Treasurer’s report: David moves and Bonnie seconds

    1. Non profit status- it’s a long drawn out process, we are waiting to hear back from the Patent office which should be in May and then we will submit that to the CRA.

  5. New board members: Dennis Winters and JulieMae Doherty, we welcome them to the Gaden Choling Board.

  6. Programming Update:

    1. Guest teachers Cristina and Yonten: David has contacted both of them to ask for proposals.  Cristina has yet to respond and Yonten has sent one.  David moves to send the proposal to Rinpoche for approval, Dennis seconds. We will also consider what would be best in terms of a set amount or suggested amount. 

    2. General programming: Dennis wants to ensure the vitality of Gaden Choling through interesting and quality programming, he is interested in holding sessions based on topics he thinks are pertinent. Dennis will write up a proposal and share it with us.

  7. Finances:

    1. Master Budget 2021-2022: David would like to create a committee to create a new budget to be approved when the new fiscal year begins in July.  This would allow us to plan financially for projects we may have in mind and be proactive about our financial well-being. Maureen, Dennis, and David will begin the committee and meet May 6 @ 7:30pm.

    2. Zoom account- David moves that we pay for the annual subscription $200, to save $40 and some accounting work every month.  Bonnie seconds.

  8. Fence Update: Maureen replied to Preston expressing our wishes to leave the fence unchanged for the time being.

  9. Next Meeting: May 27 @7:30pm

  10. Adjournment: Maureen moves, Dennis seconds.

  11. Dedication- we dedicate to Rinpoche’s long life and good health and Bryan for his good health and recovery.

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