GC Board Meeting- Tues. May 25th 2021 @ 7:30pm

In Attendance (via Zoom):Rinpoche, Maureen, Bryan, Irina, David, Dennis, Julie Mae and Bonnie

  1. Opening prayers

  2. Adoption of agenda: David moves and Bryan seconds.

  3. Adoption of minutes: David moves and Bryan seconds.

  4. Treasurer’s report : Maureen moves and Bryan seconds 

    1. Request that Sonam send the Board our present quarter fiscal summary (January to March) as well as our 1st and 2nd quarter summaries.

    2. Bonnie (in consultation with Sonam) update the listing of GC Board of Directors in our GC account with CRA.

  5. Master Budget Operating / Capital Budget Projections and Capital Budget Proposals: The projected operating  budget for fiscal year 2021-2022 predicts a shortfall of about $7000. Proposed  multi-year capital budget expenditures are not intended to be covered by operating budgets.  Projects suggested include house drywall replacement, fire and building code adherence, reconstruct new Teacher’s Kitchen, and new entrance and garden.  Rinpoche wishes to give priority to renovating the kitchen, including new countertop, flooring and new stove.  As well, fixing the squeaky floor from the upstairs hallway to the Guest Lama room.  Bryan suggests we try some of the projects ourselves to bring the cost down.  Dennis’ proposal for the garden and entry is to provide a place for outdoor meditation, a place outside for sangha without their having to go elsewhere, and generally a place outside to be together.  The proposal includes taking down the garage, providing separate places for storage and garbage and saving Irina’s beautiful garden-making.  Rinpoche said it sounds nice, but it’s not practical from a few levels, i.e. city location, finances, bathroom access.  Dennis will commence with alternative design ideas, with no professional fees charged to Gaden Choling.

  6. Charitable Status reinstated! 

    1. Issuing tax receipts: Bonnie needs some guidance, support.  Bryan and Julie Mae will look into some templates and also check the paypal account for how to generate reports.

    2. Paypal vs. Canada Helps: David will book a demo in June with Canada Helps where we can assess the features CH offers, and all interested Board members can attend.  We will continue to discuss Paypal vs. Canada Helps at a future meeting.

  7. Programming Update: David has contacted both Yonten and Cristina and is waiting to hear more from them.

  8. Next Meeting- Tues. June 29th @ 7:30pm (karma willing with Rinpoche in Toronto!)

  9. Adjournment

  10. Dedication