Heading 6
21 Taras teachings with Zasep Rinpoche
begins Saturday, June 12th at 6:30 pm EST

Gaden for the West is pleased to announce that Zasep Tulku Rinpoche will be providing teachings on 21 Taras practice beginning on Saturday, June 12th at 3:30pm (Pacific Time) 6:30 pm EST.  Rinpoche will be teaching on each of the 21 Taras every week thereafter, (so twenty-one weeks of teachings total).  Every Saturday, the time for teachings on Zoom will be the same (3:30pm Pacific Time) and the Zoom link will be the same. 


The prerequisite to attend the 21 Taras teachings is to have received the Green Tara Empowerment.


Rinpoche's weekly Sunday teachings on YouTube Live will be on hiatus during this time.  


If you have any questions about either the Green Tara Empowerment or the 21 Taras Teachings, please contact Deb Madsen.