Please find below two pieces of information concerning Gaden for the West Society and Tashi Choling Society. 

Our intention is to clarify any confusion about the existence of our two connected, yet different organizations, and hopefully answer any questions you may have had about them. This is especially important for people who wish to make donations to our respective societies, so that you are clear about where you would like your donations to go.

As you will see, Tashi Choling Society is a purely local group, whereas Gaden for The West has more far-reaching responsibilities, and works with a number of other Societies similar to Tashi Choling.

We are aware that many of our Tashi Choling friends are following  the ongoing Stupa construction and would like to be kept informed of its progress. Emails and photos of this exciting project are being provided on a regular basis by Gaden for the West and some have been shared with you via our Tashi Choling emails.

If you are interested in keeping up with Stupa development, your best option is to go to Gaden for the West website and sign up to their email list. That way you will receive that information in a timely and direct way, as well as information about other ongoing projects and events connected to that Society.

1. Gaden for the West Society:
is the umbrella organization for all of the societies under the guidance of Zasep Tulku Rinpoche. 

The Board of Gaden For the West:
President--Sonam Loga
Vice President--Pamela Graham
Treasurer--Sonam Loga
Secretary--Bill Wells
Members at Large--Sharon Gretzinger, Bob Kapitany, Ivana Velisek, Yoko Cowan, Kwame Pratt, Debra Madsen

Gaden For The West: 
Looks after all of the details concerning the temple and its property. The property is called Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat Centre.

You can send your donations to Gaden For The West through their website via PayPal or by eTransfer to
These donations are for:
-Dana for Rinpoche and his online teachings
-Donations for the Stupa Project
-Payment for long retreats
-Support for Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat Centre

2. Tashi Choling Society:
is the local non-profit group of Rinpoche’s students in Nelson, BC.

The Board of Tashi Choling Society:
Marsha Early—President
Steffan Haake—Vice President
Sue Forster— Treasurer
Jana Cooke—Secretary 
Members at Large—Celeste Kitchen, Rob Spence, Maureen Mahoney

Tashi Choling Society:
-Organizes local short retreats and teachings by Rinpoche
-Monetarily supports Rinpoche
-Monetarily supports Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat Centre
-Awards bursaries to students in need to do retreats
-Donates funds (when available) to other non-profit societies